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Orthodontic Services in Murrieta

If you’re not a fan of having brackets and wires in your mouth, we also offer the ever-popular removable, clear aligners by “Invisalign”. Dr. Mitchell and his staff have been providing Temecula Valley with high-quality orthodontic services since 1986, and we believe in providing our neighbors with only the best possible care and treatment. To ensure that we are able to provide treatment to all of our patients, we accept most insurance, and to help out our families we have “Sibling Discounts” available, ask us about details. With our extensive treatment options, we have you covered, Braces are for all ages, your smile is just the beginning of your journey.

Our Treatments

We provide an extensive list of treatment options to suit your needs:

Early Treatment at Robert D Mitchell D.D.S. M.S
Early Treatment

Catching misalignment issues or crowding at an early age will help prevent or lessen any complications that may develop with growth and development of your children. By performing careful examinations, we can create a treatment plan that matches your child’s specific needs.

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Invisalign Treatment for All Ages in Murrieta
For All Ages

There is an emotional toll that comes from hiding your smile. We can help You or your son or daughter be the best they can be. Call Dr. Mitchell today and Schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

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Adult Treatment at Robert D Mitchell D.D.S. M.S
Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be applied to improve a smile for anyone with a minor to severe misalignment. Orthodontic treatments are effective at all ages and improvements can help increase your overall confidence and satisfaction with your smile!

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Types of Braces at Robert D Mitchell D.D.S. M.S
Types of Braces

We provide various types of braces, such as titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic braces. The stainless steel braces we provide are the industry standard and provide an unparalleled level of comfort as well as resolving alignment issues in the shortest possible time. The ceramic braces are much more subtle and allow for treatment to take place without bringing unwanted attention.

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Retention Treatment at Robert D. Mitchell D.D.S. M.S.

Retainers are used when the brace treatment is concluded and allow for long-term retention of the alignment your braces impressed on your smile. The retainer is often only applied part-time and lasts for about two years, after which, the teeth, bone, and gums set into place and solidify your smile.

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Orthognathic Surgery at Robert D. Mitchell D.D.S. M.S.
Orthognathic Surgery

Aside from providing braces and other common orthodontic services, we also provide Orthognathic surgery options. These services include jaw correcting procedures, alignment issues, and a variety of other conditions. For more information, contact our office!

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