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Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics Is Your Expert on Braces

As the desire for straight teeth and beautiful smiles grows, so does the demand for braces. Most teens are ready for braces by age 15. If your child is between the ages of 11 and 15, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your local orthodontist. In Murrieta, CA, Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics is a trusted name in orthodontics and braces for teens. We believe you shouldn’t trust your teen’s oral health with just any orthodontist. At Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics, we strive to provide you and your family with a comfortable and friendly environment. We don’t just want to meet your expectations; we’re dedicated to exceeding them. If your dentist has suggested braces for your teen, trust only the best in the field.

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Short-Term and Long-Term Advantages

The primary function of braces may be to straighten your teen’s teeth, but they come with several more advantages. You’ll likely see improvement right away in a variety of areas, but the benefits of braces and a good orthodontist can last you a lifetime. In general, braces improve oral hygiene as a whole. Your teen will be able to reach all their teeth when brushing. No more hard-to-reach places where bacteria like to hide. Your teen’s teeth will come away perfectly aligned, and they’ll no longer have to worry about painful problems caused by misaligned teeth. Improved digestion is also an advantage of wearing braces. The teeth misalignment that causes digestion issues is easily fixed with braces. Don’t risk future problems when braces can fix current issues and prevent later ones.

Promote confidence: Middle school and high school are notorious for zapping kids’ confidence. Comparison to their peers can make even the best-equipped teenager feel self-conscious. Teens already face enough injury to their self-esteem, and misaligned teeth shouldn’t have to be a contributor. A short period with braces can set them up for years of confidence in social and professional settings. Increased confidence is perhaps the most important advantage of wearing braces. Set your child up for a confident future. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics today.


Problems Braces Can Address

Braces are used to treat numerous problems teens commonly face with their oral health. Most dental professionals recognize three types of misalignment. Class I is ideal but can still include crowding and spacing issues. Overbites and overjets fall into Class II. Patients with these conditions have an upper jaw that extends too far forward or too much vertical overlap. Underbites, on the other hand, fall into Class III. In this condition, patients experience the opposite of an overbite. Patients with underbites have a lower jaw that protrudes too far forward. Each of these conditions can be corrected by wearing different types of braces.

Other common issues: Overcrowding is a widespread problem teens experience without braces. Their teeth can be misaligned as a result of too little space. Again, braces are an excellent way to fix this problem. Your orthodontist can also correct issues such as speech impediments, sleep apnea, and jaw pain using braces. If your teen tends to grind their teeth or has difficulty chewing, braces may be the solution to that problem as well. The wide range of issues braces can fix adds to the many advantages of wearing braces.

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Different Types of Braces for Kids

At Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics, we know that no two patients are the same. Everyone we see has a different combination of symptoms, jaw shape, and much more. When we have so much variety among our patients, it only makes sense that there are different types of braces for kids. The two most common types of braces are the following:

Removable aligners: If your teen’s oral problems aren’t severe, your orthodontist might suggest removable braces. These popular braces for teens include products like Invisalign® and others that utilize a clear tray to straighten teeth. Removable braces are more versatile and harder for other people to see, making them an attractive option for many teens.

Fixed braces: Fixed braces are what we typically think about when we picture braces. This option for straightening teeth involves fitting braces to your teen’s teeth through bonding brackets and threading archwires. These braces for teens are more high maintenance than their removable counterpart. You’ll need to make return appointments to the orthodontist for your teen to have their braces adjusted and to keep the right amount of pressure on their teeth.

Contact Your Orthodontic Experts Today

Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics in Murrieta, CA is fully equipped to help you and your teen choose the braces right for them. We have many years of experience, and we know that braces are rarely enjoyable for your teen. When you schedule an appointment with us, you can be sure your teen is receiving the highest quality treatment with the highest regard for their comfort. The friendly staff at Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics wants your teen to get all the advantages of wearing braces. Call or request an appointment today.

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