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Helping You Obtain The Perfect Smile

The retention treatment at Dr. Mitchell Orthodontics has always been included in conventional treatments. Normally this follows active treatment and removal of the braces and consists of wearing a retainer. Most patients only need to wear a retainer while they sleep. We cannot stress enough the importance of following braces with a retainer.

Retention Treatment at Robert D. Mitchell D.D.S. M.S.

Benefits of Wearing a Retainer

The long-term benefits of wearing a retainer:

  • Maintains tooth alignment
  • Allows the bone around the teeth to adjust and set
  • Allows for gums to adapt to the new configuration

By following the prescribed treatment and wearing a retainer, our patients secure the smile they desire. The retainer prevents both short-term and long-term setbacks that can happen after braces are removed and before the bone and gums have the time to set.

For more information about retainers, call our Temecula Valley Orthodontist today at (951) 600-7923.

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